Theme of GGJ2019 - "What home means to you" It means so many different things. For us it is a place to come back when you leave it. Cause you need it. It is you comfort zone. It's where you feel safe.

This is a story of a drunk guy that woke up in a place where he does not know. One thing for sure he knows how to get there. Cause somehow we all made it home when we are ridiculously drunk.

He has to trust his instincts. He has to trust you. But some thing is definitely wrong.

How To Play
1 - Click / Tap on the screen to start moving.
2 - Click / Tap again to generate a new circle.
Repeat Step 1 & 2 

Avoid stones, trees, cars, holes, dogs and building.
Try to reach your home without harming yourself.

AuthorsTuna Pamir, Bash3
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Casual, Top-Down, Vector


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I havent found my home in this (what does it look like?) but it was fun!

i really like the movement mechanics, and it felt like drunk stumpling when i clicked around like "oh a doggy, lets go pat it! - oh it bit me - lets check if thats my home - no it hit me - etc)

great work!

hey there bee thank you for you great comment :D well there is an indicator showing your home's direction. It's a square orange building. But you can only enter from the white entrance :D 


happy to hear my comment was appreciated. I wil try to find it with that hint thanks.

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very hard :D